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Changed A Child's Life Forever

Most families experience a difficult time at one point or another but, for some families a difficult time is a time of crisis. A turning point in the lives of their children and their family forever. You know these families. They are the people you see on a daily basis. They are your students, your coworkers, your employees, or even your employer. They are the family standing next to you on the check out line at the store and they need you to help them find their way home.

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My Life According to Me


You may have prejudged me as being beyond help, broken, and just another statistic.If so, you could not be more wrong. I am not broken. I am not beyond saving. I am not just a number, unless you let me become one.

It is

CST. Have you changed a child's life forever today? It's easier than you think.


Making a Difference

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Read More or submit your story here

If you think you don't have enough time to make a difference, think again. There are many ways you can help. Micro-missions can be worked on from the comfort of your own home for as little as one hour per month.YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, YOU CAN BE A HERO!

We did it & so can you!

To the world you are 1, but to 1. . .

YOU are the WORLD!

Small changes making a great impact in your life, your community, and the world.

EXCITING NEWS!Stay Tuned for the launch of our NEW WEBSITE!Are you making small changes with a great impact in your life, your community or the world? Tell us about it! Submit your story here and you may be featured on our site.






Take Action

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A Child


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